Hayley Miller


Hayley Miller is the Vice President of Retail Execution at Old Pal, a national cannabis company built on the idea of accessibility, affordability, community, and the shared experience. “I'm most fulfilled when I'm working in the market with our team; getting to know them more deeply and finding ways to support them in their work so that they achieve what they want to,” says Hayley. “I'm happiest on the road…seeing new places, meeting new people, educating on the brands and products I believe in.”

Before joining Old Pal in 2020, Hayley worked in sales at Rhythm Superfoods and Kind Snacks. After her son was diagnosed with a rare form of intractable epilepsy as an infant, she moved from Austin, Texas to California to seek a new medical care team and access to cannabis derived medications. During her fight for medical access for her son, she received a comprehensive education on the plant and its various applications — she had the opportunity to see firsthand its impact in people's lives, which ultimately drove her to become an advocate for greater normalization and national legalization. “I think we should all be willing to expand our perspective — and maybe our consciousness — from time to time, to question what we think we know,” Hayley says. “I believe wholeheartedly in plant based living, for sustainability and climate reasons as well as health and wellness.” 

Hayley was nominated for the Hall of Femme by Kendra Stocking, who praised her as a mother and sales executive. "Hayley is one of the hardest working women I know,” Kendra says. “She has completely built out Old Pal’s retail marketing department and has been a beacon of light and love and dedication. There are few women in cannabis and she is a total standout!"

For Hayley, success has many definitions, including pushing and persevering through discomfort, sitting with uncertainty, and challenging herself to learn new things. “Coming back to work after having to stay home to care for my son for so long, and aligning support for myself so that I could get back out there and kick ass, felt like a major success,” Hayley says. “More and more though, success looks like balance; being able to work as hard as feels good to me, but also carve out equal time for myself, my relationships, [and] my kid.”

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