Helena Fogarty

“My mission is to help underrepresented founders be successful, and to do it with ease, confidence, and support.”

Helena Fogarty is breaking the rules of business ownership. The 4-time CEO, 3-time founder, coach, surfer, and mom has, in her own words, “seen it all” — which is why she’s so passionate about helping CEOs take action on the things that matter most, and is known for guiding companies through times of crisis (Olivia Pope comes to mind!). Helena’s mission is to help founders and CEOs increase the impact of their company in a way that’s easier, faster, and in alignment with their values. 

“I work with female founders to help them think bigger and achieve levels of success that they haven't yet conceptualized,” she says. “I'm working with clients that are making their dreams come true; whether by taking an idea through to a funded startup, or getting the exit they want from the hard work in their startup.” Helena was nominated for the Hall of Femme by Katherine McKee, who praised her for “changing the entrepreneurship paradigm and starting a revolution.” 

“She is creating a movement of Humane Entrepreneurship via a startup studio, where her team provides support beyond investment,” Katherine says. “This all leads to a more inclusive founder ecosystem and one where startups can grow aggressively, but founders do not need to be martyrs.”

Prior to founding her first company, Helena worked for heavy hitters like Chanel, Ferragamo, Zac Posen, Hearst, and Bank of America. When she’s not working to change the face of entrepreneurship, Helena loves spending time with her family and two dogs, and being in the water by surfing, swimming, and stand up paddling. For her, success is “a combination of ease, fun, excitement, freedom, love, and hard work that yields great impact.”

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