Helene Servillon

Helene Servillon is a multi-faceted entrepreneur with experience as an early stage operator, venture capitalist and investment banker across emerging industries. She is the Founding Partner of JourneyOne Ventures, a 100% woman- and minority-owned early stage cannabis fund with 45 years of industry expertise across the firm that invests in tech, tech-enabled services and companies with unique IP. She also leads the cannabis practice at Bowen, a Boston-based investment bank with a 20-year track record in strategic growth capital advisory and mergers and acquisitions.

“I love inspiring other entrepreneurs to be bold and break molds through my own life as an example,” says Helene. “I break rules, I think against the grain, I ask questions, and I love doing fun things that make me feel alive. By doing so and being me, I hope that it inspires others to do the same for themselves.”

In support of women entrepreneurs she advises Chai Angels, a seed stage fund focused on investing in women-led companies and WISE, the Women's Interdisciplinary Society of Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University. She also dedicates time to mentoring women entrepreneurs through workshops that she runs, guest lectures, and an internship program at her investment firm.

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