Hilary Yu


Hilary Yu is the founder of Our Dream, a socially inclusive cannabis community that centers minorities in engaging digital content, and the co-founder and Executive Director of Our Academy, a nonprofit precelerator and mentorship program for equity applicants and BIPOC cannabis entrepreneurs. The group partners with brands like Old Pal, CANN, SF Roots, Flower Co. to provide resources and guidance to those kick-starting a business in the legal cannabis industry. It’s a cause close to Hilary’s heart.

“Being a Chinese-American woman that lost a parent pretty young, I identify with challenges that are out of our control and feel a sense of responsibility and agency to find solutions in areas where we can influence outcomes,” Hilary says. “I strongly believe in supporting BIPOC founders in and out of cannabis, because we all deserve every opportunity to turn our dreams into reality.”

Hilary’s experience in digital marketing and as a brand advisor makes her well-suited to empower other women to make educated choices for their businesses and careers.“We get to work with people who are incredibly motivated and passionate about what they’re creating in an emerging industry,” says Hilary. “While it’s not an even playing field yet for BIPOC cannabis founders, I have a lot of hope and conviction that we can help good people win in the end.”

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