Ivelyse Andino

Ivelyse Andino is living her ancestors’ wildest dreams. After her mother was diagnosed with cancer, the health tech expert and Bronx native founded Radical Health, the first Afro-Latina owned organization in New York to successfully bridge the gap between healthcare and underserved populations by using Indigenous practices. Radical Health serves as an outlet to encourage BIPOC patients to know their rights, seek second opinions, and stand up to healthcare providers in uncomfortable situations. “When you know the rules and trust the system, you’re more likely to ask questions and expand your knowledge about your health,” Ivelyse says

Radical Health has worked in partnership with Mt. Sinai, Columbia University, and the Obama Foundation to provide thousands of Bronx, Brooklyn, and NYC residents with the literacy to advocate for quality medical care. “She has dedicated her life to pursuing health equity for Black, Brown, and other historically underrepresented communities,” said Candice Smith, who nominated Ivelyse for the Hall of Femme. “Many people want to start a movement that changes the world — Ivelyse is actually doing that.” 

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