Jaime Schmidt

Having launched her eponymous natural deodorant line, Schmidt’s, from her small kitchen and a farmer’s market table, Jaime Schmidt showed the world that a “maker” can turn their dreams into a nine-figure exit.  Jaime wanted to make a better, safer product and became a leading force in the movement away from harsh chemicals and overly complicated ingredients.  Now working as an investor with her fund Color, and through her media company Supermaker that has launched initiatives such as the “Entrepreneur Dream Project”, Jaime continues to chart a course for emerging and underrepresented entrepreneurs who want to make the world a better place.  

Jaime’s accomplishments stand for themselves and her namesake brand has become a household name in countries around the globe, but it's her dedication to helping others reach their potential that truly speaks volumes.  Last year she published her first book, Supermaker.  The book itself and it’s subtitle resonated deeply with us: “Crafting Business on Your Own Terms.” For women like Jaime to have shattered glass ceilings, they had to shake away notions of the status quo and reach for the sky how they best saw fit.