Jeanine Moss & Nicole DeMeo


Jeanine Moss and Nicole DeMeo have dedicated their careers to radical innovation. They are marketing and communications strategists, A-list tech advisors, and the co-founders of Outfront Solutions, a firm that helps clients navigate cultural shifts to co-create the future. Since starting their careers, both Jeanine and Nicole have broken glass ceilings as entrepreneurs and changemakers. One example? As the cannabis industry blossomed, Jeanine was “incensed” that female cannabis consumers and their needs were not being recognized; so in 2015, she launched AnnaBis, the first odor-proof accessory made to carry marijuana. 

The Hall of Femme honorees share those experiences with other women to help them elevate their personal brands and navigate their own glass-shattering strategy. "From how to turn around negative comments in a fundraising meeting, to taking pride in your accomplishments, I counsel women on presenting themselves in the most powerful way to get what they want,” Jeanine says.

Nicole has created brand positioning, messaging and go-to-market strategies for Fortune 500 companies like Apple, HP and Accenture and has worked with tech bigwigs like Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt. She is “fueled by her desire to give back,” and supports several nonprofits and community groups, including the American Red Cross and UPWARD. Nicole also advises organizations like Cannabis Creative, How Women Lead and How Women Invest — and if that wasn’t impressive enough, she is also a winemaker and owner of the Media Luna Vineyards in Argentina. 

With Outfront Solutions, Jeanine and Nicole work together with gaming, technology, investment funds, and cannabis companies while supporting women's advancement across industries. “I am fortunate to be in a position of helping intelligent people do things that have never been done before,” says Jeanine. “For me, firing on all cylinders is the best feeling in the world.”

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