Jessica Garza

Jessica has spent nearly her entire life onstage. The Mexican actress and singer-songwriter grew up singing and dancing in ballet and theatrical productions and went on to pursue her BFA in theater. She has appeared in several telenovelas for the TV Azteca network in Mexico and worked as a producer in LA on different projects for the Latinx community. In 2013, she won the African Oscar for Best Soundtrack for her song “America” in the film The Fetus. Jessica also creates social media content focused on the diversity problem in the entertainment industry – specifically, the lack of Latinx women – as well as online courses in Spanish for aspiring female entertainers.  

“I come from a country where women are seen as housewives, daughters, and wives. Women are not taught how to be their own independent self – women are treated as objects and are seen as weak,” says Jessica. “One of my missions in life is to teach both by example and by talking … (about) how to become independent, follow passions and dreams, and not be discouraged by circumstances so more women with similar circumstances (to) mine can believe in themselves and create the life that they want.”

Jessica, who grew up in Mexico City, is now based in LA after completing her MFA in acting at the New York Film Academy. 

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