Jessie Young

It’s no coincidence that someone who specializes in taking businesses from 0 to 80 and hitting 10-figure run rates landed in the role of Global Lead of New Verticals at Uber. Jessie Young blends a background in strategic finance, management consulting, and law to break down complex problems into practical, commercial solutions and rally teams around strategy: scaling grocery, convenience, alcohol, restricted items and retail businesses for Uber. 

“I love solving problems in a pioneering environment. I love that I make an impact through the problems I solve, and the communities I operate in,” she said. “Each day is a promise to learn something new, and therefore to grow. Growing, to me, is the definition of living. That could mean learning and growing in the traditional vocational sense, or in a more esoteric sense; but often, it is less lofty. The greatest teachers are sometimes the spaces between the noise and busyness of life; the moments of quiet over a coffee with my husband, walking to a yoga class, waiting for the subway.

Jessie, who is based in New York City, is also a startup advisor; the founder of halo, a held space for women offering peer-to-peer mentoring and retail e-commerce; and a yoga teacher who focuses on rehabilitation and performance with elite athletes.

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