Joanna Popper

Joanna Popper is a media and marketing exec at the intersection of Hollywood and Silicon Valley (and it’s a pretty busy intersection). As HP’s Global Head of Virtual Reality, she leads initiatives for go-to-market and location-based entertainment. Before that, she was EVP of Media & Marketing at Singularity University and VP Marketing at NBCUniversal, where she carved out a passion for AR, VR, and the metaverse. 

For Joanna, virtual reality isn’t about disconnecting from the world, but finding new ways to collaborate in an immersive environment. “I’m drawn to this industry because the people who work in VR are passionate, interested in deep impact and building things, and highly optimistic,” she says. “That’s part of what makes it so exciting to be in VR. People are bringing their imagination and creativity to create this new world.”

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