Julia Deitz

“Hall of Femme” honoree Julia Dietz is a bright light to those who surround her.  An avid practitioner of yoga, Julia was long an active part of the yoga community in San Francisco, before moving to Los Angeles, where she has been spreading her uplifting message and empowering women to explore new forms of exercise by sharing her journey.  Referred to as “a ray of sunshine,” Julia is all about “enjoying the little moments, going on adventures, and balancing fitness with fun” and is proud to be the first woman in her family to attend and graduate from college.

From a young age Julia has stood on her own and charted her own path.  She has been financially independent since 16 and in order to get a higher education she told us that she “threw myself into competitive soccer and was planning on going to college through an athletic scholarship, but this dream shattered when I broke my back while I was getting scouted at US regionals my Junior year.”  Julia did not let this adversity get her down and then like many young Americans she graduated with a heavy burden of debt but put her all into paying it down so that she could pursue her calling of helping others improve their lives. 

Fitness has been an important part of her journey both as an athlete and since she has in her words “had the opportunity to battle an auto-immune disease called Hyperthyroid since I was 8 years old.”  Most people would see this as something to bemoan, but Julia reflectively sees how her struggles have helped shape her after battling “exhaustion, burn out, body aches and many more fun things that have come along with it, but I can finally say that I am one with my body and feel healthy.”  Passionate about “inspiring others to take care of themselves through simple gratitude practices like just going for a walk” Julia is also known for “preaching that life is about balance.” She seeks to inspire those around her to understand the importance of taking time for self care and how small changes like making a habit of daily outdoor activity can have broad benefits.