Juliana Ead

“I think there is an intersection between happiness and success that is ultimately rooted in balance. When I've achieved ambitious goals but also set strong boundaries, the accomplishments are even more fulfilling because they haven't drained every resource.”

Juliana Ead is the International PR Manager at AllTrails, the leading and most trusted outdoor navigation platform. There, she focuses on driving awareness of the brand in Europe so that more people can gain access to the outdoors no matter their location, activity or ability. Naturally, fresh air and movement is what gets Juliana up in the morning. “I think of running as active meditation; the rhythm and routine and the time outside is what I live for,” she says. 

The Hall of Femme honoree got her start in the wine industry before transitioning to outdoor communities. She discovered a passion for welcoming more women into the sports industry and fighting for equal access and pay. While working for LUNA bar in 2019, Juliana helped create the "Someday is Now" campaign in partnership with the US Women's National Soccer Team Players Association. LUNA bar closed the gender pay gap of the USWNT world cup bonus, paying the players more than $700,000 to make the women’s pay equal to the men’s. Juliana worked closely with Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan and Christen Press to drive awareness of the team's pay gap, as well as the average 20 percent pay gap that American women face everyday. 

Whether they’re professional athletes or her colleagues, family and friends, Juliana has dedicated her career to uplifting women. “I love to show up for the women in my life and I'm even more grateful for the women who show up for me,” says Juliana. “Time is our most valuable resource and when we give each other the gift of time, we remember those moments forever.” Working for a values-based organization is incredibly important to the San Francisco-based PR professional, who lives with her husband and two dogs. “My entire career, I've worked for companies that align with my personal values and my passions. That makes showing up every day with my best self so much easier!”

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