Julie Reiner

Born and raised in Hawaii, pioneering cocktail creator Julie Reiner left a trail of successes from the Florida coast to San Francisco before decamping to NYC in the ‘90s. Since then, the Hall of Femme honoree has advanced the cocktail scene with the opening of iconic Manhattan venues Flatiron Lounge and Pegu Club, and Brooklyn’s Clover Club and Leyenda. Much of Julie’s cocktail inspiration comes from her native Hawaii; she utilizes the freshest fruits, spices, and spirits for inventive new drinks like Hawaiian Iced Tea and twists on beachy classics like the Mai Tai. She has had her cocktail recipes featured in publications like Wall Street Journal, Esquire, and New York Times, and published The Craft Cocktail Party: Amazing Drinks for Every Occasion in 2015. 

Julie is revered as a mentor and influence to women in the hospitality industry. “The majority of my partners have been strong, amazing women,” she says. Julie is also the leader of Mixtress, a team of experts offering consulting, staff training, and virtual cocktail classes, and co-founder of a line of canned cocktails called Social Hour. Clearly, Julie Reiner has been changing the mixology game for decades — with no plans to stop. 

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