Kaity Cash


Kaity Cash is the founder and CEO of K. Cash Public Relations, a boutique PR agency specializing in media relations, strategy, storytelling, and influencer marketing in the food and wine space. The Hall of Femme honoree has worked for brands on both coasts, leading strategy and media relations as the Vice President of Magnum PR and managing campaigns for some of the world’s most renowned brands (including Une Femme Wines!). “I'm always surrounded by extremely creative, whip-smart people,” says Kaity. “They keep me on my toes and challenge me to be better day in and day out.” 

In addition to carving out a space for herself in PR, Kaity is a fervent mental health advocate and passionate about seeking out and uplifting women in hospitality. “One of my biggest values is staying true and honest with myself,” says Kaity. “I always look to the women in my life first for advice, business opportunities, life support, etc., and I will always choose to support a women-led business first if given the opportunity.”

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