Karleen Leveille

By the time Karleen Leveille turned 19, she had served on three school city councils with elected officials, worked for the New York Urban League, and started her own nonprofit. After graduating from Cornell University, Karleen went on to work for ABC (20/20 and Primetime), CBS News Productions, and SONY Television, becoming a national Emmy Award-winning producer and anchor. She was the first woman to host Fandango’s 2017 coverage of ComicCon. 

She left network TV to found Kleveille Entertainment, a production company that aims to create content that changes the life of the person watching it, changes the life of the person being featured, or changes the lives of both. The company’s work has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network, HGTV, and Lifetime, among others. 

Karleen continues to work with The Mentorship Program, a nonprofit organization she founded as an undergraduate at Cornell University, which empowers individuals, especially women, teens, and children, through entrepreneurship and educational support initiatives. She is also an advisor to Digital Undivided, a technology incubator dedicated to helping Black and Latino women launch technology startups. 

“My goal is to help others transform their lives by giving them the knowledge, resources, and advice that helped me to live a life I am incredibly proud of,” says Karleen.

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