Kelly Nyland

Kelly Nyland is the founder and CEO of Whym, a female-focused software suite that helps brands leverage the emerging technology of social selling. By offering text-to-buy links for their customers, Whym streamlines the payment process and connects shoppers to an impressive roster of women- and minority-owned businesses. 

Whym isn’t Kelly’s first successful startup: over the past 15 years, the Detroit native has had a hand in building several tech companies and introduced more than 120 digital products to market in 40 countries. She’s worked across multiple tech sectors — including mobile VR, artificial intelligence, and voice-enabled TTS — and as the former Head of Consumer Marketing at Snapchat, Kelly was recognized globally for her innovative strategy around Spectacles camera glasses (talk about perfect vision). 

Kelly is fusing content with ecommerce and reinventing the way we shop online. If that wasn’t amazing enough, this Hall of Femme honoree is also a mom, surfer, and dedicated Dungeons & Dragons player.