Kendra Williams


“The most important thing that I've done to uplift other women is getting out of their way; not focusing only on myself and my own experience, but making space for other women to share their own.”

Kendra Williams is the founder of Black & Brown in the Middle, a creative collective developing and producing authentic stories that amplify Black, Brown, and Indigenous voices and “allow audiences to see humanity in one another.” As a Program Manager at Google, she knows all about utilizing technology to foster growth, healing, and understanding across communities of color. Kendra has an approach to storytelling that pushes past stereotypes and digs into the layers of what makes the BIPOC experience unique. She is inspired by those navigating life on the sidelines, and her work is a celebration of their authentic stories. 

“Collaborating with brilliant artists and businesses, networking with everyday folks from my community, and finding my own healing through sharing stories of the unheard and overlooked — it's the most challenging and beautiful work I've ever done,” Kendra says. And it’s clear that her mission is personal. “I owe it to my family and ancestors to keep striving for more freedom, joy, and love in the world. . . I owe it to myself, specifically Little Kendra, to chase her dreams and become the woman she would be proud to grow into.” 

Kendra was nominated for the Hall of Femme by Shelby Rhodes, who considers Black & Brown in the Middle a true labor of love. “Kendra and the team center everyday people of color sharing their own stories with the world,” says Shelby. “She has put so much detail into every aspect of this, and deeply cares that these stories are told.”

“Fostering healing through storytelling is my way of showing my community how deeply I love them, and in turn I feel deeply loved and supported by them,” Kendra says. “That, in my mind, makes me and everything I create love itself.”

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