Kickie Chudikova

Kickie Chudikova is a visual artist and product designer with a passion for color and an eye for detail. The Hall of Femme honoree earned a Masters Degree in Industrial Design in Vienna and worked in the studio of Karim Rashid, where she designed various products for high-end clients like Artemide, Bitossi, B-Line, Maiori, and more. In 2020, she set up her own studio in Brooklyn; she designs products, objects, lighting, and furniture that balance beauty and function (like this trippy SWAY seat, which also serves as a rocking swing!). When it comes to creating pieces sure to stand out, Kickie is keen on sustainability and innovative technology. She designed a collection of vases using 3D-printed rainbows and believes “material, structure and color play an important role in approaching every project in a unique way.” 

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