Kim Stiefel and Sarah Wissel


Kim and Sarah are the cofounders of LA-based startup Repeat, an SaaS (software as a service) platform that enables consumer-packaged-goods brands to turn one-time buyers into repeat customers. Since obtaining a $6 million Series A close in July, Repeat has been focused on building a community, something the cofounders say is missing from the usual SaaS model - but consumers want to bond with their brands and trust them, so it makes sense to build community in the brands themselves. 

Repeat, which is backed by investors like Harlem Capital and Battery Venture, has grown more than 150 percent since the Series A close in July. Kim and Sarah are focused on building out what they call ‘RePeeps,’ a community where CPG (consumer packaged goods) founders and operators can connect through in-person and virtual events and workshops, access a Slack community, get merch, and be part of a RePeeps directory. 

As CEO, Kim brings experience in entrepreneurship, revenue, sales, and business development from past startup roles in New York City and Los Angeles. Sarah, who is Head of Product, has worked at a handful of startups as well as in the publishing world as a managing editor. The duo cofounded another company - UNDR, an undergarment subscription  - together in 2016 as well as working together at Vytmn, a social media leads service. Find the cofounders on Instagram: @sarah_wissel and @kim_stiefel