Kristen Barnett

Soon after Kristen Barnett started her consulting career in New York City, she became seriously ill with chronic Lyme Disease. After she turned to dietary change to feel better and had miraculous results, Kristen became determined to make a bigger impact. She decided to  pursue a career in the food industry, first working at Dig (formerly Dig Inn) where she led supply chain strategy, menu development, and their food delivery and ghost kitchen business as Director of Strategic Operations. Kristen then joined Zuul, a ghost kitchen tech startup where she served as Chief Operating Officer and led product strategy to develop a proprietary tech platform and multiple virtual brands. After Zuul was acquired by a competitor in summer 2021, Kristen founded Hungry House, a NYC-based startup that partners with digitally native chefs to bring their culinary ideas into reality. Hungry House, which was profiled in The New Yorker in May 2022, is the first direct-to-consumer ghost kitchen company focusing on sustainability, diversity, quality and transparency.

“I believe so strongly in the power of food to impact change; it's an incredible platform. Everyone loves food,” says Kristen. “I love working in the food industry, and the impact is everywhere you look. From running kitchens full of happy employees, to delighting your customers, to impacting a chef's life. Feeling that connection is so critical to my every day; it feeds me.”

Kristen, who is based in New York City, graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University and is also passionate about plant-based eating. She supports other women in the food industry through a semi-regular women-in-food dinner series.

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