Kristina Libby

“I'm not that interested in success as a concept but more in the idea that a successful life is one where you are able to chase your dreams and contribute to a more meaningful world.” 

Kristina Libby is a contemporary landscape artist, writer, tech executive, and co-founder of SoCu, a boutique marketing agency, design shop, and research firm for technology and DTC goods and services. The Hall of Femme honoree previously helped scale and grow companies like Microsoft and National Geographic and broke glass ceilings as a female Chief Science Officer with a focus on space, defense, and critical infrastructure. Kristina makes space for other women, too. “I'm a do-er, so I always lead with, ‘How can I help?’” she says. “I will make the introduction. I donate when I can. I fill in when they need a sitter. Those acts of doing help other women to chase and exceed their dreams.”

Kristina’s artwork is “an ongoing investigation into the profound experience of being human.” Her pieces have been featured at the Arizona Historical Society Museum, One Community Museum, and the Milwaukee Art Museum — if that wasn’t impressive enough, her public art series "The Floral Heart Project" was cited as a catalyst for the introduction of COVID-19 memorial legislation in both the US Congress and with the US Congress of Mayors. “My work as a writer and an artist helps me to be an activist by doing what I do best: telling stories, inspiring people, and helping to scale new ideas,” says Kristina. “Stories are how we share our emotions, our dreams and our thoughts with each other. They are a powerful part of being human.”

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