Kristine Locker

“To me, success is overcoming your fears and following your dreams to build the career and life you want.”

Kristine Locker is the founder, CEO, and namesake of LOCKER, an online shopping platform revolutionizing the consumer path to purchase from idea to checkout (think Pinterest, but for shopping!). “Authenticity is so important to me and finding it gets harder and harder with social media today,” says Kristine. “LOCKER creates a space for authentic sharing between users.”

What keeps the Hall of Femme honoree motivated? “Purpose! I thrive off of having a purpose every day,” Kristine says. “My purpose has been to build this platform to bring it to as many people who will benefit from using it.” Kristine is a true believer in the power of women and supports others by “being a champion” as they build their dreams. “Through LOCKER, I give the everyday woman the ability to express herself and share her style with the world.”

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