Krystle (Kay) Shakespeare

Krystle (Kay) Shakespeare is a Black nerd with a hearing disability who rocks hearing aids. She serves as a people-first professional who supports other intersectional beings and organizations in their wellness goals and creates encouraging spaces for them to show up authentically in their truth and power.

In particular, Kay uplifts women by providing them with the space and information to learn more about wellness techniques to replenish themselves, along with encouragement and career advice. And sometimes, the best way she can lead is by example.

As I work with women and non-binary professionals in their wellness goals, it's important for me to also embody my own wellness goals and practice them,” she says. “I enjoy carving out space in the morning to prepare tea, meditate, journal, move my body, and outline my goals for the day and I love encouraging other folks to make space and time to prioritize themselves in the morning and throughout the day.”

Kay is the COO at Official Black Wall Street, the largest platform connecting consumers to Black-owned businesses. She is based in New York City.

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