Kylee McGrane

In 2014, college junior Kylee McGrane had an idea: to dress up like a princess and visit local children’s hospitals. After her first stop, she recruited more students to join her in costume. And soon enough, Kylee launched A Moment of Magic Foundation, the nonprofit organization bringing creative programming to medically vulnerable children. As of 2021, AMOM has 29 chapters and has served more than 100,000 children, so it’s safe to say Kylee and her crew are real-life fairy godmothers and superheroes. 

“Every day, we work as a team to uplift the voices of all of our members, to provide opportunities for leadership, and to inspire the next generation of volunteerism by empowering college students to serve their community,” says Kylee. “Our community not only encourages you to dream big, it helps provide you with the tools, resources, and experiences to accomplish big dreams — and the team that will celebrate your success when you do so.”

Kylee was nominated for the Hall of Femme by Caroline Rooney Serrano, who praises her “tremendous leadership” and dedication to diversity within her team — AMOM volunteers strive to make sure each child can see themselves represented in a character. “What I really admire about Kylee is her ability to take fantasy and fairy tales and convert them into tangible, incredible change,” Caroline says. “Kylee created AMOM from an idea and a dream, and her tireless work has quite simply made a hell of a lot of people’s lives better, more fun, and more beautiful. For these children, Kylee’s idea has changed their world.” 

Kylee has spoken as a business, female empowerment, volunteerism and advocacy expert for companies and organizations, and been featured in over 100 international publications. When it comes to defining success, Kylee keeps all the versions of herself in mind. “I like to think about myself in all of the stages in my life, including those that have passed and those yet to come,” she says. “What would make six-year-old me and 106-year-old me proud? What did I do that I've always dreamed of or never dreamed of? How did I make things easier for someone else?”

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