Laura Shanley

“Rather than arriving at one big achievement destination, I see success as triumphing over daily obstacles, attaining small daily goals and being in a state of gratitude as the journey continues.”

Self-professed tree-hugger and plant mama Laura Shanley is the founder and CEO of Modestine Tea, a ritual-based wellness brand. She named the company after her grandmother, who taught her how to blend tea in her backyard. As a Certified Tea Sommelier, Laura’s passion lies in helping individuals understand the foundation in the history, traditions, preparation and health benefits of tea. She also hosts regular workshops. “I create spaces that facilitate tea talks and women’s wellness circles,” says Laura. “The cornerstone of these activities allow me to celebrate women and remind them of their worth.”

Laura was nominated for the Hall of Femme by Cheyenne, who praises her mission to “make wellness accessible to all women and their families." It’s a journey that began for Laura as a very young girl. “Modestine values the expansive, generative power of aligned feminine energy and the life-changing magic of big vision with the belief that there is more than enough success and magic to go around,” Laura says. “We bring women together to connect with themselves, their truth and each other.”

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