Lauren Steinberg

Lauren Steinberg is the founder and Global Brand Marketing Director of Queen V, a Gen Z and Millennial-focused vaginal hygiene and wellness brand. The daughter of a gynecologist, Lauren was frustrated with lackluster products on the market. Armed with passion for women’s health and the mission to “give consumers the royal treatment by cultivating a community to speak openly about vaginal wellness,” she created a line of pH-balanced products that are accessible to women everywhere.

“My job involves a lot of problem solving so I am constantly thinking in a way that challenges me,” says Lauren. “I also love hearing from consumers: when someone tells me Queen V taught them something new or that they love our products, it is the best feeling.”

Vaginal health has long been considered a taboo topic — and one of Lauren’s goals in life is to normalize the subject and educate people with vaginas about their bodies, so they can make the best decisions for themselves. “I am lucky enough to be the Founder of a company that directly aligns with my personal values,” Lauren says. “It definitely makes it easier to work hard and get up every morning knowing you get to do what you believe in.”

The Hall of Femme honoree tells her story with the hopes of connecting to other women and letting them know they’re not alone. As Lauren puts it: “The Queen V community is such a special sisterhood, and I am proud of the support system we have built for all people with vaginas.”

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