Lena West

Lena West is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, writer, keynote speaker, inclusive business growth strategist, independent filmmaker, grant maker, and truth-telling business advisor. She is the Founder of CEO Rising®, a virtual business accelerator and digital media platform dedicated to transforming ambitious solopreneurs into CEOs by providing them with the three growth tools they need most: coaching, community, and cash, so they can build ethical, profitable, and sustainable businesses.

For Lena, the definition of success is straightforward.

“The ability and means to do what I want, when I want, where I want, with whom I want for as long as I want  -- all while continuing to be there for my family, maintaining my commitment to my clients and taking daily action toward my vision,” she said. “I lift up other women by modeling intersectional, inclusive and sustainable leadership in my life and work.”

Lena’s speaking engagements include American Express, Wharton School of Business, SCORE, National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) and Syracuse University. An honorary highlight of her career was speaking about diversity, equity, and inclusion in digital media on Capitol Hill and at the United Nations. She sits on the Advisory Board of the Feminist Coach Academy and is an alum ambassador of The OpEd Project

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