Lexie Farquhar

“Each day is a new beginning to chase your dreams, make a difference, and live your best life.”

Lexie Farquhar is the artist and entrepreneur behind Brush + Pen. She commissions pieces and works with brands like Our Baseball Life to create exclusive designs for textiles, wallpaper, jewelry, and more. “It’s humbling when someone makes a connection to my work and they share a memory it sparked or an emotion it made them feel,” says Lexie. “It’s also amazing to make someone’s vision come alive — to create something that didn’t exist before I put my paintbrush to paper.”

The Hall of Femme honoree is based in California, but spends half the year traveling the US with her husband, former professional baseball pitcher Danny Farquhar, and their three kids. "After years of supporting me with my MLB career and being a dedicated homeschool mom, she took the leap to follow her own dreams of being an artist and worked hard to push past the stigma of being ‘just a mom’ to pave her own way in the art world,” says Danny, who nominated Lexie to the Hall of Femme. When it comes to uplifting her community across state lines, Lexie makes sure to “celebrate other women for their strength and resilience” by “supporting their endeavors, mentioning their name in a room of opportunity, and most importantly, reaching out and letting them know how valued they are.”

To Lexie, art is boundless, with no rules but lots of consideration — kind of like life. “Living intentionally is something I strive for every day,” she says. “I think art is inherently intentional; every stroke has a purpose.”

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