Mackenzie Martin

“Uplifting other women starts by uplifting myself. It's hard to take support from a travel agent who's never left their front yard.”

Mackenzie Martin is an internationally recognized choreographer, founder of the LA-based Genesis Studios, and CEO of Soul de Soul Dance Convention. She is Artistic Director of the contemporary Geometry Dance Company and counts Missy Elliott, Sephora, and Lululemon as professional collaborators. As an entrepreneur in the world of dance, Mackenzie is also the visionary mind behind MMMETHOD, a “comprehensive and holistic approach to movement focusing on breath work, evolving modalities, mindfulness, and a heightened physical and emotional awareness.” When it comes to supporting other women, the Hall of Femme honoree is especially mindful of embracing those who come from backgrounds different to her own.

“Through a lot of internal work and self reflection, I've claimed my agency and know how to stand in my power. By doing this, I can call it out in others and speak life into another woman's greatness,” she says. “This means all women — not just women with the same life experience as me — and recognizing the privilege that I experience as a cis gay white woman.” 

What Mackenzie loves most about her work is the way it makes others feel. “There's no greater ROI for me than when a student, dancer, client, colleague, or follower of my work is impacted in a significant way,” she says. “In all my endeavors you'll find recurring themes like community, safe spaces, growth-based mindsets, opportunity for development, and leadership. At the heart of all of it is an intentional root offering of love.”

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