Maha Haq

Cannabis hospitality expert Maha Haq is the director of retail strategy at Green Thumb Industries and a managing partner at The Highspitality Group, a full-service cannabis consumption lounge operations and business development firm. In 2018, Maha founded Cannaclub, a collegiate organization focusing on cannabis education, advocacy, and opportunities for the next generation. Their mission is to empower students and scholars interested in the cannabis industry while making a positive social impact through academia and activism. “My passion for the plant and culture runs deep as a recreational consumer and former patient — cannabis is part of my daily life,” says Maha.

Maha was nominated for the Hall of Femme by Tess Melody Taylor, who shouted her out as “a powerhouse in the cannabis industry” as well as “influential, gorgeous, and a maverick.” As a woman in such a fast-growing sector, Maha makes sure to uplift others by “sharing opportunities and hyping up their work.” And what gets this California girl out of bed in the morning? “Beautiful weather and exciting projects that are going to make a huge difference!”

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