Mahogany Browne

Mahogany’s creative energy is unending – she’s a writer, organizer, educator and the Executive Director of JustMedia, a media literacy initiative supporting the groundwork of criminal justice leaders and community members. In addition to numerous past fellowships, she was recently selected for the Kennedy Center's Next 50, and is the author of Vinyl Moon, Chlorine Sky, Woke: A Young Poets Call to Justice, Woke Baby, and Black Girl Magic as well as the founder of the diverse lit initiative, Woke Baby Book Fair

“My desire is to open doors for other women, femmes, and marginalized voices. Women supporting women has been a part of my mission since I first began writing in 2001 (when) there were so few opportunities for women poets,” says Mahogany. “My work allows me to remember all the women who made it possible for me to do this - I love knowing that I am not alone. I love knowing that my words are a part of a larger conversation.”

Mahogany, who is based in Brooklyn, is the first-ever poet-in-residence at the Lincoln Center. Her latest project is a poetry collection responding to the impact of mass incarceration on women and children: I Remember Death By Its Proximity to What I Love (Haymarket Books).

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