Malika Cantor

Malika Cantor is a cofounder and partner at Hyper, an early-stage venture firm and founder program focused on the things modern startups need most: distribution, community, mentorship, talent, and funding. Hyper is part of a larger flywheel of tech and media brands that share a vision to bring the culture, community, and collaboration that happens in Silicon Valley to founders globally. Previously, Malika developed programs at Google and Sequoia Capital to source and support startup companies.

“In my work I am surrounded with incredibly creative people building companies and teams,” she said. “These people tend to be unusually ambitious because it is hard to create something truly great without putting in the work – (I’m) helping smart people accomplish their dreams, including solving some of the biggest problems in the world (eg. climate change, cybersecurity, etc.).”

Malika also seeks out women in everything she does, from hiring and investing to co-investing, fundraising and collaborating. Brussels, Belgium native who studied and worked in London and Beijing, and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her boyfriend, Zach, and her cat, Babu.

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