Mallorie Muller

One of the First Women to Serve on an Indianapolis 500 Pit Crew

As one of the first women ever to serve on an Indianapolis 500 pit crew, Mallorie Muller has never been one to sit on the sidelines. As part of a female owned and female forward racing team, Paretta Autosport, Mallorie is now paving the way for other women in the world of motorsport.  

When asked about what motivates her, Mallorie shared that serving as a role model to her daughter tops the list: “It is important to me that she grows up knowing that she can be successful in whatever path she chooses,” and that women who are mothers, “still have dreams, careers, second careers, and major personal accomplishments.” 

Before joining her pit crew team, Mallorie spent months living away from home five days a week and participating in a grueling training program, on top of her other full-time job. Reflecting on the sacrifices that she had to make, she shared “I have to tell myself that it's important for my daughter to see that I am living a dream, so she knows that she can live her own dreams.”  But to Mallorie, it's not just about the example she sets for her daughter: the work she has done as part of the Paretta team is “bigger than ourselves” and she hopes it will lead to more girls and women thinking outside the box.