Marie Ablaza

Marie Ablaza is often described as energetic, positive, optimistic, enthusiastic, happy, and someone who spreads good vibes around like pixie dust. She’s been dubbed a Fairy Job Mother and Recruitment Jedi, one with the Force, matching passions and careers together.

She’s currently a talent recruiter for the Game Development Studio at Netflix, with previous roles in recruiting at Ubisoft, Lucasfilm/The Walt Disney Company, and Dolby Laboratories. Outside of work, Marie writes as a VIP Expert for Fairygodboss, where she shares career advice to a community of women; and she recently completed facilitator training for the Google Initiative #IamRemarkable, which empowers women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.

“I'm a first time mom, and my daughter reinforces why I love what I do,” says Marie. “My whole career has been about helping people and I really hope that my daughter sees that in me and that she takes after that as she gets older.”

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