Marla Isackson

Marla Isackson wears plenty of hats at Ossa, an advertising marketplace for independent women and non-binary podcast creators — not only is she CEO and founder, but she’s also the Secretary, Treasurer, and President of the Board! Marla spent over 25 years as a senior executive in the corporate world before taking the leap into entrepreneurship. After launching her own podcast, Mind of a Mentor, she realized the industry was ready for a shakeup. “I saw firsthand the gender disparities in the industry, including the lack of resources and viable paths for growth and monetization,” says Marla. She set out on a mission to improve the representation and support of underrepresented podcasters. In 2019, Ossa was born. “Currently, fewer than 30 percent of podcasts are hosted by womxn creators. That's not good enough,” Marla says. Her goal is pretty simple. “Success for me would be to dramatically increase the number of women and non-binary podcasters in the industry.” 

The Hall of Femme honoree was praised by Reine Opperman and Kurt Osenlund as a “risk taker” who exudes determination and leadership: “It is incredible to witness the tenacity she displays as CEO of our company; how she leads by example, and how she often steps out of her comfort zone for the good of her people.”

For Marla, podcasts serve as a powerful tool for elevating underrepresented voices globally. She credits her “amazing, committed” team with contributing new ideas and approaches that push Ossa’s mission forward. “We are working very hard to transform the podcast industry, and I am extremely passionate about it,” Marla says. “By using the podcasting platform to share their stories, we are creating a movement to give a voice to all women.”

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