Megan Healy

Emmy-Award winning broadcast journalist Megan Healy got her start making videos with a flip camera in her family kitchen and editing on iMovie; she and her mom produced an at-home cooking video series to help parents and families try easy, healthy, kid-friendly recipes. After her mom passed away from breast cancer when Megan was 16, the love and passion for storytelling she instilled propelled Megan to pursue a career in journalism. After completing a broadcast journalism degree at Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo, Megan worked her way to weekend reporter in less than one year at KSBY in San Luis Obispo, covering the COVID-19 pandemic, wildfires, the 2020 presidential election, and more.  

"At the age of 25, Megan has shattered the barriers of entry into broadcast journalism and TV, and has become an inspiration to all women - especially Asian American women - and a true face of cutting edge news reporting,” says Gabi Trapani, who nominated Megan for the Hall of Femme. “She’s won Emmys and Emmy nominations for her work as a journalist. She has become a force in the social media world, with almost 500K TikTok followers and 30K IG followers, where she shares her news and advice on being successful in the field. Above all else she is a resilient, strong, ambitious and positive light in the world."

When she’s not reporting, Megan enjoys beach runs, Khalid albums, indoor plants, her Malti-poo, Cooper, and sweet treats (specifically Doc Burnstein’s birthday cake ice cream). 

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