Melissa Zink

Melissa Zink is a food, beverage, and product photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her vast experience in the restaurant industry (and enjoyment of all things epicurean!) naturally fuel her passion to create enticing, captivating, and delicious culinary images. “I believe the most relatable experience we all have is the pleasure of creating, preparing, and sharing a meal,” says Melissa. “Food is not simply a basic need, but an art and beauty we can all appreciate no matter economic status, culture, or gender.”

The Hall of Femme honoree uplifts other women through her photography by working with mostly women owned businesses, and makes sure the brands she partners with align with her values: practicing sustainability and environmental practices, providing stable living wages for their staff, promoting and encouraging other women, and supporting rights for minority groups. “Too often women see each other as competition, [so] I try to maintain a collaborative mindset: the success of other women allows us all to succeed,” Melissa says. “By helping promote and create for other women owned brands, I elevate my own business.”

So, what does this Hall of Femme honoree love most about her work? “The light!” Melissa says. “There's such beauty in it; how it shapes and defines subjects, illuminates anything it comes in contact with, and how it changes throughout the day or with various sources.” 

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