Mette Dyrhberg

“Be the kind of person that no matter where you are or what you’re working on, you always add value to those around you so that you rise and shine together.”

Mette Dyrhberg is the founder and CEO of Mymee Health, a digital coaching program for people with autoimmunity and COVID-19 long haul symptoms. For Mette, Mymee is personal: after decades of struggling through chronic illness, the economist inevitably turned to numbers. She carefully tracked her environmental factors and symptoms, recognized patterns in the data, and controlled her autoimmunity within 16 months. The success she found in hacking her health laid the blueprint for Mymee, which launched in 2017 and brings clinically proven, significant quality of life improvements to its members by finding and eliminating autoimmunity triggers to reduce symptoms like fatigue, pain, and brain fog.

“Success, for me, will always be about making a difference in other people's lives,” says Mette, whose passion for helping women motivates her every day. “The benefit of being the founder of a company is that you help create the company culture and hire the team that surrounds you. [It’s] very fulfilling to have total alignment between work and your own values.”

A serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in building startups, Mette regularly speaks on rethinking healthcare and autoimmunity at industry events, including Stanford Medicine X and Exponential Medicine. She holds a Master's in Economics from Aarhus University and UCLA, and is a certified health coach.

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