Michelle Yin

Michelle Yin is the CTO and co-founder of Discz, a music discovery app described by fans as “Spotify meets Tinder.” Originally started as a passion project, Discz has topped app store charts globally, with more than 15 million songs discovered and saved on the platform. “I love the opportunity to create something new that brings joy and delight for a new generation,” Michelle says of Discz’s Gen-Z fanbase. “With streaming, so many positive feelings and experiences that sharing music with others brings have been lost, and I want to bring it back!”

Michelle began coding in high school and previously worked as a software engineer for WhatsApp and Facebook, often as the only woman in the room. “I'm surrounded by men 99% of the time, and it's really important to me to help change that landscape,” she says. Michelle was nominated to the Hall of Femme by DJ Shelton, who noted that she has “devoted herself to supporting and inspiring other women in tech.” According to Michelle, it’s a principle she lives by. “I have a rule where I never say no to women who reach out, whether it's someone asking for an interview, or resume help, or startup advice,” she says. 

As a founder, Michelle appreciates being able to shape the company culture with her values — openness, communication, taking ownership, and working on something you love. “When work intersects with your values and passions it's a feeling like no other,” says Michelle. “Getting that opportunity for myself, and getting to create that for others, motivates me to keep going everyday.”

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