Mira Chaykin

“Throughout my career, my interest has always been in making nutrition and healthcare more accessible,” says Mira Chaykin, a pediatric resident at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. Mira’s experience as a health policy analyst comes in handy for her current endeavor: increasing access to nutritious foods, implementing cost-sensitive nutrition education, and helping to shape early childhood attitudes toward food and food preparation. “Children are inevitably able to find joy in the most trying situations, and it is impossible not to feel inspired by them,” Mira says of her patients. “Pediatric training will enable me to influence the health, and therefore the quality of life, of the children I work with and ultimately the opportunity to be a positive force in my community.”

The Hall of Femme honoree was nominated by Liz Eddy, who referred to Mira as “the kindest soul” and shouted her out for “working 24-hour shifts and overnights to care for her patients through COVID and beyond." But receiving recognition for her successes isn’t as important to Mira as celebrating the wins of others. “I want the women in my life to always feel how perpetually impressed and in awe of them I am,” she says. “When I think more of each success as part of a journey that is inextricably linked with the successes of those around me, it helps me find a more sustainable satisfaction and feel like I am part of a bigger picture.”

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