Misasha Suzuki Graham


A graduate of Harvard College and Columbia Law School, Misasha Suzuki Graham has been a practicing litigator for over 15 years, and is passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal profession as well as in her communities. She is a facilitator, writer, and speaker regarding issues of racial justice, especially with regards to children, the co-author of Dear White Women: Let’s Get (Un)comfortable Talking About Racism, and the co-host of Dear White Women, a social justice podcast. 

“Our whole platform is focused on the power of women coming together as women first, because it's been comfortable to do the opposite at times,” says Misasha. “But we hold so much power - if we uplift each other (and not just the women who look like us), we have the power to change the world. I truly believe that. So each day, I lead with that concept. Women first.  

Misasha, who is biracial (Japanese and white), is married to a Black man and is the proud mom of two very active, multiracial young boys. They live in the Bay Area with their largely indifferent cat.

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