Morgan Robbat

Morgan knows how to market beverages. After spending more than a decade marketing Anchor Distilling, Moet Hennessy, Newton Vineyard, and Domaine Chandon, in 2020 Morgan was tapped to become president of KYLA Hard Kombucha, a canned beverage that’s spiked in fun, fruity flavors and brewed in Hood River, Oregon. Kombucha is an effervescent beverage produced by fermenting tea and sugar with a living culture called a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) – and KYLA simply takes fermentation a step further to make it boozy.

“The opportunities for KYLA’s future success are limitless,” says Morgan in an article announcing her appointment. “I’m excited to be leading such an innovative brand and company that has already established itself as a leader in the segment.”

Morgan holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from The George Washington University School of Business. She lives in Kentfield, CA with her family. 

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