Mskindness B. Ramirez

Award-winning master educator and cannabis industry veteran Mskindness leads with both her given name and unique calling. Empowered with over 20 years experience in the public education sector and a passionate desire to heal her community, Mskindness now lends her skills to various projects in and around the cannabis space. She is the CEO of Club Kindness, a direct-to-consumer education platform and production company, and co-owner of Our Kind, a line of infused hair and body products designed to promote radical self-care through kinship. 

“I love the fact that what I do doesn't feel like work. It's just the thing I do to make money and eat... Or maybe it's the thing I would do even if it didn't make money,” she says. “Because I love people, especially those eager to learn something new, those moments when I can help someone realize something new are priceless. My work in the cannabis industry is exceptionally rewarding because I get to help and watch people heal. There's honestly nothing better than that.”

Mskindness is also the author of a children’s book, “The Root Family’s Very Special Garden,” written to demystify plant medicine in a family friendly way while sparking candid conversations across generations. She also serves as the Executive Board President of This is Jane Project, where she helps women and non-binary trauma survivors gain access to plant medicine and valuable programming to foster healing; as well as adjunct faculty for the Los Angeles Community College District, the Harrington Institute for Cannabis Education, and the Cleveland School of Cannabis. 

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