Nailah Howze

With credits including Nike, Adidas, Puma, L’Oreal, Sony, Apple, and Billboard to name just a few, multi-talented photographer Nailah Howze is one to watch. What started out as a passion for capturing her friends on camera has quickly turned into her lifes' work. Finding she had a knack for life behind the lens, Nailah founded Cloudnai Photography in 2015. With the tagline, “representing the underrepresented” Nailah’s mission is to highlight women from underrepresented communities with her work.  Through her work Nailah advocates for diversity with much of her work depicting BIPOC subjects with attention to detail in capturing their true essence. 

Originally from Los Angeles, Nailah moved around with her military family and then joined the AirForce at 18.  Spending four years stationed in South Korea, Nailah has expressed that living in a new country gave her a new perspective, one that inspired her to pick up a camera to document her experiences. 

Referred to a “master creative” and “key role model” by the friend who nominated her, Nailah's impact on others is clear as they shared with us that “she’s one of my favorite examples of a creative who leveled up her craft and expanded her passion into a full business and career.”

Nailah’s passion and perseverance have gotten her to where she is today. With interests and talents beyond just photography, she also juggles model casting, directing short films, and event planning. This November “Hall of Femme” honoree faces every challenge she is presented with head-on which attributes to her success. With her growing platform, Nailah’s success continues to expand and she’s clearly inspiring others to do the same.