Najwa Khan

When Najwa Khan was four years old, her parents moved from Sylhet, Bangladesh to the United States for a better life. Growing up in an immigrant household shaped the trajectory of her career, instilling a strong desire at an early age to give back to underprivileged communities. After earning a masters in public health with a focus on community health from NYU, Najwa dove into everything community health, from moving to South Africa to work with HIV/AIDS patients in townships and doing medical brigades in Honduras to working with companies like United Health Care, Humana, and Anthem to make health insurance and care accessible to vulnerable populations. In the last decade, she mainly worked for healthcare tech companies and D2C brands – that’s when chronic stress from a demanding career resulted in food allergies, hormone, thyroid, and gut issues from eating convenient, prepackaged frozen meals and treats instead of home-cooked meals. She founded dalci, gut-healthy and gluten-free brownies, as a solution to snacks that fit a healthier lifestyle.

“Dalci (sic) isn't just a food brand, it's an opportunity to shift the way Americans think about packaged snacks and what healthy holistic eating can look like, sugar and all,” says Najwa. “As a public health professional, I care about the lasting impact I can make in our society, particularly with the way we view food and our own health.”

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