Natalie Polanco

Natalie Polanco is a producer, writer, and executive director at Digital Bodega, a creative agency in the Bronx. After attending Purchase College and the Academy of Arts with a focus in arts management, Natalie wasted no time getting into the indie film world. She self-produced many of her first projects, including the short film “Libertad,” which screened at the Official Latino Short Film Festival in 2018. She then co-produced several other successful video campaigns at Digital Bodega, building partnerships with the Ghetto Film School, Dolby Institute, Lionsgate, and more.

As a proud first generation, NYC born-and-based Latina, Natalie strives to create authentic, story-driven content that makes her audience feel things while also creating opportunities specifically for other women of color in the production industry.

“I initially didn't want to be a producer - so much stress, and so many details. I just wanted to be a writer and tell stories. But I've grown to love my job, because film is such a collaborative process,” says Polanco. “I love bringing good people together. It's like an orchestra. Every department brings value to the art we're making. (Even if that art is, like, a mayonnaise commercial.) It doesn't matter what we're making as long as we have a great team. And it's even better that I'm often the one who gets to choose the team. It's nice to know I can help MY people - women, Latinos, folks of color, ‘the gays and theys’ - these are the people that too often get unfairly locked out of my industry. It's nice to know that I have some capacity to help change that and give them the shot they deserve.”

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