Natalie Trevonne

Natalie is an actress, writer, dancer and fashion/beauty accessibility consultant who won the 2021 Best Actor Award from the Disability Film Challenge as hip-hop icon Nay Nay Too Bomb. As a legally blind creator, Natalie uses her disability to speak up and speak out for equal representation in the entertainment and fashion industry.

“What I love about my work is that I get to be an advocate for not only disabled women, but for women of color,” she said. “I think everyone should be able to see themselves within the media because the very world we live in is diverse and that should be represented within fashion and entertainment.”

Natalie, who is based in LA, is currently the marketing and outreach coordinator for Blind Institute of Technology, a disability-led staffing organization. She is also the creative director and co-host of the Fashionably Tardy podcast, which bridges the gap between the disability community and the fashion industry by telling amazing stories from dope fashion creators.

“I always try to align myself with projects that I know will be meaningful to not only me but everyone involved,” Natalie said. “I really feel like God has called me to be in service to others and that's what really moves me.”

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