Natasha Feldman

A quirky self-described “34 year old Jewish grandmother,” LA chef Natasha Feldman’s story is anything but traditional. Affectionately known as Tash, this November Hall of Femme honoree’s background in acting and performance is what brought her to as a Chef who has put teaching others at the forefront.  She tells the story of “culinary-school drop out and private chef who didn't always love to cook” but then discovered a deeper love of cooking during a period when she studied Shakespearean acting in London.  

To pursue her passion she convinced Yahoo to air a cooking show, Cinema & Spice, co-produced, directed, and hosted by Natasha herself, in 2014.  Ever since, she has had a boisterous career behind the camera centered around her love for food.  Now Natasha is focused on creating engaging content with her show “Nosh with Tash” that focuses on remaining approachable to help those looking to cook impressive and tasty meals at home but who “often feel it’s far too complicated in practice.”  While understanding that cooking can be intimidating, Natasha truly believes that “anyone can become a great cook if they start with the right recipes.”

While the internet has allowed for much more content focused on cooking, Nathasha understands that photoshoots coordinated by food stylists and professional photographers often look much different than the food we’ve cooked based on the same recipes.  To help more home cooks feel good about their results, Natasha features a variation of a popular recipe that’s not only supremely delicious but easy to master, with tools and ingredients many of us already have at home. Purposefully shooting every episode in just one take, Natasha works on the fly, ad-libbing fixes as needed and rallying against the “Instagram-perfect” aesthetic. 

A true lover of food, according to friends Natasha is “a huge advocate of other people's food, and was the first person I knew to create a restaurant guide to support at the beginning of the pandemic. Natasha understands that food can bring us together and wants home cooks to know that “I want you to see that if you’re having a good time and cooking, you’ve already won.”