Natasha Wong


"Success is aligning myself to my values, being present to experience life’s in-between moments, and living unapologetically.”

Natasha Wong is a multi-hyphenate strategic creative, human connector, and well-being advocate, as well as the co-founder of Before Noon, an Asian-American, female-owned startup that connects you to complementary & alternative therapists (like hypnotherapists, Reiki practitioners, and Ayurveda coaches) and curated wellness products that empower you to be whole and free. Natasha’s personal healing journey of unpacking a 15+ year corporate career in retail merchandising, and her experience as a second generation San Franciscan and Chinese-American, is what motivates her life’s work.

“Before Noon provides me the opportunity to live my legacy, which is to drive and organize efforts towards human consciousness and self-actualization,” says the Hall of Femme honoree. “I get to create from nothing and surround myself with a heart-forward team.” With her co-founders, Danielle and Ann, Natasha gets to create something bigger than herself. “Even when we’re dealing with never-ending to-do lists, unfortunate mistakes, and difficult conversations, we support each other’s visions and values and remind ourselves to have as much fun and balance as possible!” Natasha says.

When she’s not planning her next dinner party or playing interior designer, you’ll most likely find Natasha in an early morning workout, passionately following her morning self-care routine, and getting creative in the kitchen. She also prioritizes holding space for other women. “Uplifting other women starts with witnessing my own thoughts, words, and actions,” says Natasha. “Breaking my own patterns and being in self-discovery allows me to truly listen and show up for the women in my life with compassion and love.“

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