Nichole Powell

Nichole is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Kinfield, a Brooklyn-based startup that makes sustainable essentials for the Great Outdoors powered by plants, backed by science, and recreation ready. Prior to this, Nichole was an operator in both established and emerging companies, leading growth for Modern Citizen (which Forbes, Glamour, and VOGUE herald as the “next big direct-to-consumer fashion brand’) and spanning roles in marketing analytics for TurboTax and online marketing for at Intuit. However, Kinfield is Nichole’s “most personal project to date.”

“She's built an amazing brand, and I can vouch that her products actually work. Nichole is an incredible founder who goes out of her way to support and help womxn and underrepresented, aspiring founders,” said nominator Hayley Leibson.

Nichole believes that “a weekend outdoors is a weekend well-spent, and that your mother was right—fresh air is good for you,” so when she’s not working on Kinfield things, she’s planning her next trip (like to the salt flats in Bolivia), making the most of the gorgeous hiking trails in the Bay Area and upstate New York, or working with the incredible youths at GirlVentures as a mentor with the Youth Advisory Board. Follow her on Instagram: @nicholempowell.